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How to solve problems such as heavy shapes in packaging box printing?

In the printing of packaging boxes, there are often many phenomena, such as duplicate shapes, blurred handwriting, distorted fonts and inaccurate overprinting. Today, Shandong printing and packaging manufacturers will study the causes and solutions of the problems one by one, as follows:


If the packaging box is improperly adjusted in the printing process, it will often produce the printing font with double shape, which is mainly caused by excessive vibration of the equipment or unstable machine speed; Another cause is also closely related to the pressure of the ink roller. Our common method to solve this problem is to adjust the pressure of the ink roller to a good state before production, start the machine at a constant speed during production, and the machine should be started without "defects". The inaccurate overprinting of font distortion depends entirely on whether the operator adjusts the machine to a good state, and is related to the proficiency of the operator;


Nowadays, each packaging and printing factory has strict requirements for product packaging, such as packaging boxes, which have high requirements for box pressure, which requires that the gap pressure of the paper feed roller be strictly controlled during the printing production process to avoid excessive pressure. If the thickness of the cardboard is damaged, the corrugation will also be damaged due to pressure, which will directly lead to a reduction in the pressure of the formed carton; another reason that affects the thickness of the cardboard is also closely related to the material used for the layout.

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