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Causes and Solutions of Ink Color Unevenness in Field Printing

Ink color unevenness in solid printing is a relatively common problem in printing. Generally, printed products show two types of water-like unevenness and orange-peel unevenness. Many people are troubled by this and always want to find out the reasons and solutions.


1. Ink color

The reason for the water-like uneven color is that the gravure roller is too deep, and then the main phenomenon is caused by the low viscosity of the ink used. The main reason for the uneven ink color of orange peel is that an excessive amount of polar solvents such as butanone is added to the ink. The second is that the viscosity of the ink is too high, which leads to poor leveling. The third is the quality of the embossing rubber roller (the particle density of the rubber layer is inconsistent), resulting in uneven pressure on different parts of the printing plate cylinder by the embossing rubber roller during printing.

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