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Several Factors Affecting the Printing Quality of Books and Periodicals

The demand for book printing products in China has always been very large, and all kinds of people often use book printing products in their daily life or work. However, in the production of various book printing products, there are some quality problems that cannot be ignored.


As far as the Jinan printing factory is concerned, the main responsibility for the poor printing quality of books and periodicals is due to the outdated and backward equipment on the one hand. There are also some equipments that are not backward and cannot do good work because the technical quality of the operators is not high. There are also low-cost and low-quality materials used. In addition, there is another common problem that cannot be ignored. Since the abolition of the two-level fixed-point book printing enterprise system, there is no restriction on the quality of book printing and binding, and printing factories have relaxed the management of book printing quality.


As far as publishing houses are concerned, in order to obtain more profits, some publishing houses do not care about the printing quality of books and periodicals, and whichever book printing factory has the lowest printing price will print them. There are also editors in some publishing houses, especially art editors, who are too much to adapt to the diverse needs of the market, to be unconventional, to seek novelty and surprise, because the equipment and technology cannot be processed, and the result is counterproductive. There are also many factors such as the poor quality of the paper provided by the publishing house.

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2023/04/27 14:53

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