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Five reasons for album printing off version

In the printing process of picture albums, there are many reasons for the phenomenon of plate loss due to various reasons. Today, I will give you a specific introduction to the reasons for plate loss in Jinan picture album printing.


1. Improper control of moisture content in the layout.

If the moisture content of the layout is too high, it means that the layout and ink rollers have a thick layer of water film, which affects the normal and uniform transfer and coating of ink. This can easily cause plate loss, and excessive moisture content of the layout can also make the printing ink color lighter. If blindly increasing the ink output to increase the ink concentration, it will cause excessive emulsification due to high water content and ink, and if the moisture content of the layout is too small, it will not be able to compete with the ink, Spreading the ink layer on the layout can also cause a paste phenomenon.


2. The acidity and alkalinity of the fountain solution are too strong.

If the acidity of the fountain solution is too strong, it will corrode the sand mesh of the album printing, damage the hydrophilic layer of the printing plate, and easily cause the printed images and texts to be worn off during the pressure printing process. Therefore, the pH value of the fountain solution is just around 5.


3. Ink viscosity is too high.

If the viscosity of the ink is too high during the offset printing process, in addition to making the ink transfer difficult, it will also destroy the conditions for the middle of the ink layer to break, so that the remaining ink layer on the layout is insufficient, and as a result, the graphic part of the printing plate will be exposed and worn. Cause off version.

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