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Without knowing this, how do you print desk calendars and wall calendars?

Differences in printing of desk calendars and calendars:

Calendar printing is more practical in terms of customer experience, making it easier for customers to view dates and record daily itineraries. Calendar printed materials have strong advertising and are more effective in handling customer relationships than desk calendars.


Calendar printed materials are suitable for gifting to all new and old customers, promoting relationships, while calendar printed materials are more suitable for gifting to important customers of the company, which is more upscale and conducive to promoting relationships with customers. High end calendar customers are also happy to hang up with their company or home. Whether it is a calendar or desk calendar, printed materials need to be atmospheric, concise, and high-end in order for customers to be willing to use them, and printed materials can only play a promotional role.


Jinan desk calendar design and precautions:

A special edition desk calendar is a desk calendar that can be designed and produced separately according to special requirements, compared to a general content desk calendar. The content, style, etc. are all specific.


The entire process is carried out specifically around the needs of customers, and the processes include: design style samples - design printing drafts - make digital samples - plate making - printing - cutting - mounting plates - matching pages - cutting finished products - punching - threading and ring pressing - quality inspection - packaging - delivery. In addition, there are processes such as lamination, hot gold and silver, bulging, oiling, and die-cutting that can be added as needed according to product requirements.


Size specifications

The size of the desk calendar is relatively standardized, the following are some commonly used and suitable specifications and sizes (here the size is the batch printing page)

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